The Jeweled Vision of a Life Started Anew


An Unfortunate Delay of Things to Come...

About a month ago a number of people, most of whom are future tenants of The Highpoint, came over to visit me at home after a long day's work.  Along with Claire and Rob and our neighbor Russell, we sort of had this informal spontaneous gathering of friends that was very much reminiscent of the community that developed at the old building on Moore Street.  We had a great time hanging out and catching up.  It reminded me of why I have spent the past 5 years pushing through the purchase and development of the new building on West Broad street and in many ways it made some personal struggles more bearable just knowing that those people were there.

I have a vision for The Highpoint and the people it will serve.  Even though it does not exist yet, this newly renovated construct of brick and mortar is something that is as clear as anything in front of me.   All of the delays and setbacks that keep pushing that vision away have been both exhausting and frustrating and have often left me …
Loss in the Wake of Something New
For me, personal posts on social media platforms have always been fraught with a certain amount of hesitation.The exhibitionistic and hence voyeuristic nature of a mass exchange of poignant moments hijacked for the purposes of data gathering and segmented mass marketing seems to cheapen genuine communion.So here I was on the day I had decided to help my dog pass quietly away, pondering as to whether or not I wanted to simply post a picture of him as a cover photo.That need to connect, to share with people, is so fundamental to assuaging the essential loneliness of the human condition.Because ultimately, as much as people can empathize, no one really can know what you are going through and how you perceive things.

Still, we strive to connect.And on some levels in this world of digitized, monitored and monetized feelings we do.This brings me back to community.

The past five years I have been struggling to hold together and grow a community.What started …
Richmond, Virginia
Gun Violence Victims Memorial Mural
In conjunction with the Richmond City Police Department and local artists, we will be creating an ongoing public memorial dedicated to remembering the individual victims of gun violence who have died during the 2017 calendar year.This project’s intent is two fold. We would like to create a profound, highly visible mural memorializing the individuals who die senselessly due to gun violence. We also hope to add to local public awareness of this issue so that a dialogue can be furthered to help bring this ongoing problem to an end. Together, as a community of people, we can greatly reduce and perhaps even end gun violence in Richmond, VA.
How does it work? The Richmond City Police Department will coordinate efforts to get in touch with families who have lost a loved one or loved ones during 2017 due to gun violence.They will explain the process and intent of the project and inquire as to the family’s level of interest in participation.…